The Screw Box: Re-Boot Edition

It’s no lie: we’ve missed you dearly last week, and we could use some catching up. Screwy missed you, too! And she has so much to say (besides the usual need for walkies).


Read up on what’s new, in case you missed it!



Possible new Canon: Vinyl Scratch, a.k.a. “DJ P0n-3″, may have Magenta Eye Color


It may not be canon…just yet, but this story has everyone buzzing more than Stephen Colbert’s second brony shout-out, this evening ((see below)). Flash artists working on the My Little Pony Royal Wedding site apparently consider Vinyl Scratch’s eyes, a color long believed to be a bright red to most, if not all of the fandom, to actually be magenta. Oh, and apparently no eyelashes, either. Thankfully, we’ve not seen this in the show and instead on a website contributed by many outside artists. I wouldn’t throw the flag just yet, readers!


Stephen Colbert’s Second Brony Shoutout; Claims to Not Know Meaning of the Word

I will let this video speak for itself, this time. I gave a few paragraphs on it when our site was still a .nu domain! ((will post better quality soon))


New Royal Wedding Television Advert


Second advert in the Royal Wedding promotional is showing Vinyl Scratch making an appearance once more in the show, in the finale of all places. Among the rest is even more promotional focus on the website ((link in first article)), as well as some more clips from the soon-to-air 2 episode finale. Also, we now know how ponies use keyboards. They even have touch screens!


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