Ratings Results for the Royal Wedding are In! First and Second Best in Network History!

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The ratings results are in for the Royal Wedding! Read after the break

Part 1 scored as “the Hub’s best-ever telecast in network history” for categories age 2-11 (218,000 viewers) , 6-11 (336,000 viewers) , Households(363,000 viewers),  Adults 18-49 (95,000 viewers), and Women 18-49 (36,000 viewers) ; Part 2 made second place in the Kids 6-11 and Households categories, as well as the “third best-ever with Kids 2-11.”

With this, “the Hub earned its second-best Saturday (6 a.m. 12 a.m.) in network history” in four categories. Not sure what could have beaten that out, but it would have to be phenomenal to top the Royal Wedding event!

Congratulations to Hasbro, the Hub network, and the entire staff for Friendship is Magic for a job very well done!

If you want to get full details, read them here

((credit to Derpy Hooves News))

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