Making of a Scene: Raw Footage in 4-Minute Time Lapse


Don’t know how I missed this, today, but thanks to Equestria Daily and Depry Hooves News, they delivered, and now you get to see some real magic at work and how Equestria is made through the wonders of Photoshop and After Effects, through the eyes of one talented fan.

You can also check out the video on Lepoardpawz’s DeviantArt page, also known as Walker Linna. It goes to show that making the show’s visuals come to life from scratch are not a cakewalk, that’s for sure!

  1. Hey, just a heads up, this is a fan creation. The real show is created in Flash, not photoshop and aftereffects. Also the scene composer would import pre-made assets into the scene instead of creating everything once off for that scene. Yes it’s cool but it’s not official.


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