My Little Investigations Demo Released

Well all you Phoenix Wright and pony fans out there, Equestrian Dreamers has released a demo of My Little Investigations. In this game, you take the roll of Twilight Sparkle, investigating a robbery of a jewel, and Opalecence, from, you guessed it, Rarity. The game takes on a sort of Phoenix Wright style gameplay, but, not including a trial. As the game is still in a demo version, there isn’t really that much to go on, but so far, from what I’ve seen, it’s a really good demo. The game was created by GabuEx, who is the Creative Director, Writer, Programmer, and Webmaster. But while he does this, he also has a big team working with him, such as ZeusAssassin (Game Designer and Case Designer), dawnmew (Technical Designer and Programmer), HallowGazer (Dialog Character Artist), WarpOut (Field Character Artist), PonyArtist (Background and Prop Artist), Rautakoura (Cutscene Artist), Trot Pilgrim (Composer), PrincessRil (Voice of Twilight Sparkle), LoveKiku (Voice of Rarity and Sweetie Belle), BreeFaith (Voice of Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom), DivinexRose (Voice of Rainbow Dash), TehJadeh (Voice of Scootaloo), Flootershai (Voice of The Mayor), ThatCanadianDude (Voice of Rover), and HoodedYellowPony (Voice of Fido and Spot).

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