“The Old Grey Mare” Episode #2

The brand new livestream podcast from Purple Tinker, The Old Grey Mare, is quickly making waves around the fandom. Up next is some information provided from Purple Tinker about the newest episode, which will be focusing on the upcoming conventions this summer. Read on!

The Old Grey Mare (TOGM) is a call-in interview show featuring some of the biggest names from the pony fandom each and every weekend. Presented by Purple Tinker and a weekly co-host, TOGM serves the brony community by interviewing artists, musicians, animators, VAs, bloggers, and other luminaries of the fandom. Each week, a different charitable effort within the community will be promoted, and a charity effort (either a charity auction, a donation competition, or the like) will be conducted during the hours of the livestream itself.
This weekend, TOGM’s second show will be presented on Saturday evening at 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific. (Note the time change from last time, made so as to not conflict with Michelle Creber’s ‘Saturday Night Songs‘.) Guests for this show will include Haybuck of BronyCon, Glittering Pony of Equestria LA, Markarian of Everfree NW, and Darkly Cute (a.k.a. PinFilly) of TrotConThe weekly co-host this time will be fan VA celebrity Rina-chan, and the charity guest will be Bronies for Good. The live charity effort for this week’s show is yet to be announced. (Last week’s live charity effort was a charity auction for a John Joseco poster commission, which raised $400 for The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center!)
If you missed last week’s show, which featured brony art luminaries Egophiliac, John Joseco and PixelKitties, plus guest host (and The Greatest Living Actor) Garrett Gilchrist, you can catch a downloadable recording of it from our Archive page. As a bonus, it features amazing pix done by Ego, JJ and PixelKitties of their OCs in G1 style (and a very special– and terrifyingly cute– rendition of PixelKitties in G3.5 style!)
More details (plus a contact form) can be found on the TOGM website at GreyMare.org. We look forward to seeing you all on the air!
In the spirit of friendship,
Purple Tinker

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