Pony Merch – Fashion Style Wedding Couple, Nap Mat


The image above shows an image of another toy set featuring Cadance and Shining Armor, this time as those giant brushables officially known as Fashion Style ponies. A lucky member of MLP Arena received this as a gift from Hasbro well before release, and shows some more Retail Exclusivity – expect these to be released in Target stores in the near future.

Also, TaoBao seem to have come up with the goods once again with what seems to be a newly designed Nap Mat featuring Twilight, Spike and Celestia – and by “newly designed”, we mean the same typical vectors in a slightly different layout. If you can read Chinese you can see the listing here – otherwise, check out an image after the break.


(Credit to EqD for the Wedding Couple, and Purple Tinker for the Nap Mat)

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