Charity Auction Donations wanted for B.U.C.K.


The guys and gals setting up this Summer’s convention in dat dere Manchester are asking for any plushie creators, artists and any other creative types to donate work in the name of pure, unadulterated charity. Have some tasty copypasta after the break,

Hey there!

BUCK- The Brony UK Convention is going to be hosting a charity Auction and we’re looking for people to donate some art/ plush, custom, costumes etc for the auction to flog off in aid of a charity. We’d really appreciate it If you could mention it somewhere on the website or spread the word to any artists you know? All the specifics are on this page:

But these are the basics:

1. Entering an item to the auction is absolutely free.
2. 100% of auction proceeds will go to the appointed charity.
3. If you would like to donate an item to be entered in the auction,
please contact
4. The charity we give the money to is decided by the community! See

If you could help out like this that would be really really awesome!

Ruth Chadwick

Publicity Manager
BUCK- The Brony UK Convention

Let’s prove British Bronies can be just as generous as our friends over the pond! :)

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