Scoltland’s Music Update

A couple new songs to note about today, some uploaded a few days ago.

The first is Tom’s Dog released by TheLivingTombstone. This is the official theme for asdf movie 5. TomSka asked Tomb to create a piece of music for the asdf movie and Tomb has now released 1 of 2 pieces he has made for the cartoon. The piece ‘Mine Turtle’ will be uploaded on youtube soon but you can also buy both pieces on iTunes or Bandcamp for a minimum of 99 cents each on Bandcamp and $1.98 on iTunes. The piece itself sounds like Tomb’s usual style with a slight twist which he noted as an experiment to see what he could come up with.

The second song is She’s An Alarm Clock (She’s a Pony Remix) by Omnipony. This is the full version of the alarm clock song that can be heard at the start of NoMoreThan9s “Epic Wub Time” Video. For a remix this is very well done and includes Omni’s epic wub making skills and the orignal song can still be heard and recognized.

The last piece that will be included is TheElspongie’s new song ‘Best Place for Me’. This song is a more chilled out piece that includes a more subtle ‘wub’ introduction, instead of a cliché drop, that continues the smoothness of the song from start to end, definately someone to keep an eye on if you don’t already.



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