Gossip is Natural – Story Arcs, More Zecora, Animation Done?


Because we have a LOOOOOONG wait until Season 3 hits the airwaves, it’s always nice to have chinese whispers about what’s gonna happen – and Twitter’s usually a good way to do it.

M.A. Larson, one of the writers, has been waggling his -erm, fingers, on the social network responding to an onslaught of crazed Bronies. Asked about whether we’ll see more of a story arc much like the first season, he simply replied “Meghan’s got plans…” (referring to Meghan McCarthy, one of the writing team).

There’s also likely to be a bit more of Zecora, the whimsical rhyming Zebra, next season. Said Larson: “One thing but you can’t tell McCarthy I told you. I did one w a bit bigger role for zecora.”  Er, sorry about that. There was also a mention from William Anderson on his profile that scoring is now underway for the music next season – which supposedly means the animation is now completed. Hooray!

For all them, plus a couple of other nuggets, check out the Ponyleaks Miscellaneous page!

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