Lauren Faust Interview Outtakes in L.A. Weekly

Courtesy: rfaust76, Creative Commons

Though she is no longer an integral part in the production of “MLP: FIM,” show creator Lauren Faust is still getting quite a bit of press for her work on the show and with her various other projects. Last week, L.A. Weekly has caught on to the Faust phenomenon, featuring the talented lady in its People Issue, which celebrates “the most interesting people in Los Angeles.”

Faust, who was termed in the issue as “The Brony Wrangler,” is on the L.A. Weekly website yet again this week, as the publication has released a few bonus questions that were cut from the finished product. Check out what she has to say about childhood toys, “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” and pitching TV shows for young girls here.

-Four String

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