Bronycon Looking for Gophers **UPDATE

Interested in volunteering for a major pony convention but not quite sure how to get your foot in the door? BroNYcon wants you!

According to a tweet from BroNYcon events coordinator Punchline, the New York con is looking for gophers — convention-goers who help volunteer to keep the whole experience running smoothly — to help out once the bronies descend upon the Northeast later next month.

Anyone who is chosen to help as a gopher at the con will be admitted for free, which is always a nice incentive.

Interested parties should email

-Four String


**UPDATE: Punchline provided a document that outlines all the needs and requirements for the Gopher position. Read below

Hey BronyCon Co-heads of Gopher Squad Punchline and ZAquanimus here. We at BronyCon are trying to make this the best possible Brony convention in the word[sic]. To do so we need some help from bronies like you. We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the position of Gophers. Gophers must be at least 16 years old by June 30. (Those that can drive and have their own vehicles are highly sought.)
Gophers must be able to follow the directions of the staff as well as make their own logical decisions when patrolling the con floor.
Gophers will work two 4-hour shifts on either Saturday or Sunday, or split between the two as needed. They must be wearing their staff shirts and ready to work 20 minutes before their next shift starts.
Gopher duties will include fetching things for other departments, patrolling the con floor for any questions and directing them to the correct sources, alerting security of anything that should be brought to their attention, fetching things for artists, and being all around nice ponies.
There may come a need for some gophers to walk/drive over to Walmart or Sam’s Club for staff needs.
Wearing comfortable shoes is a must; you must be able to remain up and about during your two 4-hour shifts.
There will be mandatory gopher training on Friday, June 29.
In return for their 8 hours of work over the weekend, they will receive free admission to the con, or be refunded their ticket if they’ve already paid.

Email us at We can’t wait to see you at BronyCon Summer 2012!

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