Kickstarter: Brony Music Documentary

There’s been plenty of Kickstarters popping up around the brony community over the past few weeks — enough, perhaps, to suck one’s funds dry. But if you’ve still got some extra cash sitting around and love the music of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” fan community, Timothy Cass and Jonathan Kershaw have a proposition for you: help fund their brony music documentary, the aptly-titled “Music is Magic.”

According to Cass, the documentary “is a project to get into the minds of the musicians that make the brony community thrive as well as try and understand them beneath the pony loving bronies we all know and love.” He writes that the duo will conduct interviews with various members of the brony community, including Mic the Microphone, IBringDaLULZ, Chain Algorithm and Sethisto, at Everfree Northwest.

Cass and Kershaw are asking $2,000 to back the project, with a deadline of June 30. There are various levels that pledges can achieve, with the highest, a $250-or-higher donation, garnering a spot in the film.

For more information on the project, check out the documentary’s Kickstarter page or watch the video above.

-Four String

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