The Pony Bazaar – May 22nd, 2012

"Please buy me!"

Are you strapped for cash? Is your “pony stuff” budget looking dismal at best? Are those amazing plushies too expensive, but you still need your pony merchandise? Then look no further! Today we’ll be checking out a few of the less-expensive (but none-the-less incredible) crafts out there.

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Princesspimento’s Bottlecap Necklaces

Price: $5

For those of you with a different taste in fasion, Princesspimento has a series of MLP:FiM bottlecap necklaces. Each of these quirky pieces features a high-quality image and a satin cord. She’ll even create a custom necklace for you with your own provided image! This is definitely one-of-a-kind, must-have merchandise.


Toxictygir’s Wall Art

Price: $6.50 – $30

Looking to spruce up your room? Why not Fluttershy? Or Twilight Sparkle? Or Vinyl Scratch?!

Toxitygir’s cutouts and drawings could be just what you need. They’re all generally on the smaller side (around 12” or less in length), so they’d be the perfect addition to any Brony’s pony art collage. I especially like how their genuine, freshly-sketched appearance gives them that authentic artist’s tone.


Abadscene’s Crocheted Twilight Sparkle

Price: $10

And for my favorite piece of the day, we have a beautifully handcrafted crocheted Twlight Sparkle. There’s something about the simplicity of this doll that is just plain captivating. At 12” tall and 17” long, she’s a steal for only $10. She kind of reminds me of Smarty Pants himself. If this doll doesn’t make you nostalgic over simpler times, I don’t know what will!



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