Love Is In..Mineturtle?

TheLivingTombstone has finally uploaded a song he did for TomSka’s asdfmovie 5 video called Mineturtle. After being for sale on iTunes for quite a while he has uploaded it to YouTube for all your viewing pleasure. Although not pony related it still heavily involves his style that we know and love.

General Mumble has uploaded a song that he claims is the best one he has done in an hour, is he right? You be the judge. The song, named PB1C 4M, is a drum and bass concentrated piece that is fast paced and simplistic

SimGretina has done yet another amazing remix of one of the show’s songs, this time it’s ‘Love Is In Bloom’. This piece, like many of his others, involves the original lyrics put together to a new happy beat with occasional vocal muffling to give it a more dance song feeling.


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