Friday Update!

A few interesting pieces to note down tonight. One is a sort of intro to MandoPony’s new mini-series about The Wonderbolts.¬†Composed in Cubase 6 using Edirol Orchestral, Session Strings and Evolve from Native-Instruments & Heavyocity this could lead on to something amazing just like most of his work.

MandoPony is also doing songs and themes related to The Wonderbolts opposites, The Shadowbolts. This piece shows that The Shadowbolt songs will feature a darker, heavier theme to contrast with The Wondebolt’s light, uplifting style. This piece was composed in Cubase 6 using Session Strings by Native-Instruments, Addictive Drums (with the Metal addpak) by XLN Audio, and Evolve from Native-Instruments and Heavyocity.

MicTheMicrophone has uploaded an very…interesting cover of a fanmade song. The original song ‘Pinkie’s Brew’ is a song made for the series Friendship is Witchcraft. Lenich made a russian cover of the song which¬†received very positive feedback, so much so that Mic decided to make a cover of it. That’s right…an English cover of a Russian cover of an English song. If that isn’t confusing I don’t know what is. Regardless of that the cover itself is very good, Mic’s vocals are once again amazing quality and he certainly has no fear in showing off his ability. He also mentioned in the description that an album of his will be out soon so stay tuned to find out more!


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