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In this week’s edition of the Weekend Reader, EMF Scootaloo and Mbulsht strive to find you more awesome fics to read! Stick around a bit; you might find something you like.


EMF enters the Badass Zone

What if a Mary Sue with toughness to match Chuck Norris and ties to both America and Equestria had to think of a way to fend off changelings? All will be revealed as we delve into the hive of pure amazingness that is “The Countryman Act”.
The fanfic is supposed to be written how our old pal George W. Bush would write one. It focuses on a pony named Lone Star, who is the ultimate badass. In other words, he’s a great big pile of Sue. He beats up changelings and invents the Equestrian Basketball League. What correlation do these have, you say? Well, you’ll have to read the fanfic yourself to find out. Trust me, it’s worth it.
The fanfic is written for comedy purposes, and it shows. No protagonist in any serious fanfic would be, or could be, this Sue-ish. Can Lone Star take changelings down to zero in 10 seconds flat? Yup. Is he faster than a speeding bullet? You betcha. Does he have a love interest in the Mane 6 that works both ways? Yeah. Does he have totally awesome aviator sunglasses that he puts on when it’s action time? Yes. Does he force Celestia completely out of character? Double yes. He’s so much of a sue you’d have be blind to call him balanced. Oh, and he also loves Applejack. There’s not really much character development in the story, as you can see, so all we know about our protagonist is that he’s a true badass and loves Applejack. The author managed to achieve his goal of making it sound like an American patriot was writing the story though, so that makes up for most, if not all, of the flaws.


“The Countryman Act” is a good read if you want a quick laugh, and its length makes it okay for just skimming over without missing too much. It has its downsides, but that’s what happens when you write as George W. Bush. Nobody writes like George W. Bush. Except the people who do.
Story: “The Countryman Act”
Author: Corvus54
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Random, Adventure
Length: 1 chapter; 1664 words
Status: Completed
Link: Click here!


Mbulsht Takes a Double-Shot of Rarishy

Rarity and Fluttershy paired together is a pairing we don’t see enough of. The age-old trope of opposites attracting holds strong in this ship, and the combination of suave socialite and nature-girl makes for a great story more often than not.

So in the spirit of celebrating this pairing, I would like to present you with two one-shots centered around Rarity and Fluttershy.

“Two Cups of Tea” by Absolute Anonymous is one of my favorite shipping one-shots of all time. It’s no secret I love this author (see my review of “The Games We Play”) and they continue to hold my admiration with this fic as well. Absolute Anonymous has always impressed me with their ability to get shipping absolutely correct, and here is yet another example of that talent.

“Two Cups” is not a happy story. You can already guess the ending from the tags that are given at the beginning, but as I always like to say it isn’t necessarily the ending that defines a story, but the lead-up that justifies the ending. “Two Cups” is shipping done right. Romance is not easy, romance is not glorious, and romance does not always result in a happy ending. This is a story that exemplifies this idea (though “realism” isn’t a word I would use; this is about two ponies here). I won’t spoil much more of the story; just give it a read. It isn’t very long.

The second story I would like to recommend is “A Burning Desire” by ugugg93. This one I picked to balance out the bittersweet-ness of “Two Cups of Tea” by presenting a warm and fuzzy kind of take on the genre. It does get a little bit dark around the middle, but that is only a way to give contrast to the ending I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

“A Burning Desire,” like many of the stories I’ve recommended here, does not strive to tread new ground or break stereotypes of the genre. Rather, it revels in those stereotypes and uses them to give a heartwarming (if a bit predictable) story. I highly recommend it, as it is very short, and can be read in a single sitting.

Links are below.

Story: “Two Cups of Tea”
Author: AbsoluteAnonymous
Genre: Romance, Sad, Slice-of-Life
Status: Completed
Length: 1 Chapter; 3,362 Words
Link: Click Here!

Story: “A Burning Desire”
Author: ugugg93
Genre: Romance, Sad
Status: Completed
Length: 1 Chapter; 6,212 Words
Link: Click Here!


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