The Pony Bazaar – May 27th, 2012

Today’s selections are probably some of the most interesting I’ve come across yet. I’m consistently being surprised with what you Bronies are able to come up with. Yes, that is a Derpy headset. Also, remember you can request to be featured in a Pony Bazaar by emailing me at!

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Shoppingjukebox’s Hand-Painted Headphones

Price: $25

All I can say is “Wow”. These are absolutely amazing. These one-of-a-kind headphones feature detailed custom-painted artwork on both sides. The right displays the pony itself, and the left displays her cutie mark. The headphones themselves aren’t bad either; they carry 40mm sound drivers and foam cushioning. They won’t be making any more of these, so get them while you can!


Magicalmoomoo’s Talking Twilight Plush

Price: $75

Talking plushies have always been a favorite of mine. This one happens to be Twilight Sparkle dressed up in her “Starswirl the Bearded” costume. When squeezed, she’ll say “I’m Starswirl the Bearded! Father of the amniomorphic spell?!” Her cloak and hat even feature real bells!


Princesspimento’s Custom Earrings

Price: $5

Princesspimento has done it again. You may remember her fancy bottlecap necklaces from a previous Pony Bazaar. Now she has a series of custom painted earrings for sale! Available are Applejack and Rainbow Dash as seen above, as well as Rarity, Derpy, and others.


Celestia Guitar

Price: $12

I am so lost as to what this is, who created it, and where it can be found. In fact, the only other mention of it I can find on the internet is a video of a cat playing it on Youtube. However, I had the strange feeling that it absolutely needed to be included in this edition of The Pony Bazaar. Someone seriously needs to explain this to me. Please.



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