‘Pinkie Pie Propaganda’ has ‘Awoken’ me…

For you steampunk fans out there DrDissonance1 has uploaded a steampunk remix of Pinkie Pie’s songs called ‘Pinkie Pie Propaganda’. The songs used are Giggle at the Ghosties, The Parasprite March, You Gotta Share, Cranky Doodle’s Welcome Song and the Piggie Song (as accompaniment). Using sounds for brass instruments, Harpsichords, and string instruments this song will definitely appeal to everyone who likes classical remixes with a twist. (Not just Steampunk fans). Links to the artists who made the background art are in the description


WoodenToaster has done a collab with H8_Seed to create an amazing song named ‘Awoken’. H8_Seed handled the song writing and the vocals while Toaster produced the track. Apparently H8 wrote the lyrics as a sort of Rainbow Factory sequel, the story revolves around a worker in the Rainbow Factory who has an epiphany and tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the normal world. Pretty interesting stuff! Along with a normal free download you can also get the midi file and the cool background art in the description!



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