HUGE Convention Roundup 06/07/2012

art by John Joseco

John De Lancie to Attend BUCK, Galacon

Just received a message from Slightly Eccentric from B.U.C.K. with some excellent news!:


Another BUCK Update!
The BronyCon Documentary’s Kickstarter campaign just hit $255,323. Added to the Paypal amount of $18,435 equates to a grand total of $273,758 (and still counting)! BUCK has received an email from John de Lancie himself confirming that he and Documentary crew will therefore definitely be attending BUCK this year.

Needless to say, we’re all jolly excited here in little ol’ Britain.
Jolly excited, indeed! Unfortunately, we are unconfirmed as to whether or not John De Lancie will be attending Galacon. Stay tuned for more on the latest.
ALL THREE of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Attend Everfree NW
The Show-Stoppers are here! Please give a warm welcome to Claire Corlett and Madeleine “Maddy” Peters, who now join Michelle Creber to complete the Cutie Mark Crusaders at Everfree Northwest. We knew we couldn’t stop at just one and that Apple Bloom would be lonely without her friends, so we offered them the chance once more to earn their cutie marks. Will they discover their super-special talents? Turns out they already have:Claire Corlett’s talented voice has found its way not only onto Friendship is Magic as Sweetie Belle, but to the hit PBS Kids show, Dinosaur Train and 3-2-1 Penguins! as well.Maddy Peters not only voices the spirited Scootaloo, but also appeared in previous animated programs, such as Danger 5, Barbie: Princess Charm School, and My Little Pony’s award-winning sister production, Martha Speaks.

These three, talented young stars are sure to steal the show this August. Registration re-opens this Saturday night at 9 Pacific, but space is still limited so hurry! The Cutie Mark Crusaders will be here. Will you?

Artwork once again courtesy of the incredible

Everfree NW Provides Extra Living Space; Sponser Membership Available

Still looking for lodging to come visit Everfree Northwest? Good news, everypony! We’ve secured rooms at a second hotel within walking distance of the convention for Everfree Northwest guests.
The Seattle Airport Marriott is offering rooms to Everfree guests at a rate of $114 plus tax per night. Amenities are slightly different from those offered at the Holiday Inn, so please check the Everfree Northwest website for full details.
Be sure to use the Everfree code EVEEVEA when booking with the Seattle Airport Marriott. that you’ve got a place to rest your hooves, how about becoming a Sponsor for Everfree Northwest’s first year?
If you hate waiting in line and have been saving your bits, Everfree Northwest is happy to announce that we are expanding our registration options with the Sponsor Membership!
A Sponsor Membership is a full membership with some fantastic additional pre-paid perks. This membership gives you one autograph from each voice actor or actress attending our convention, normally $20 each with a basic membership. Furthermore, Sponsor Membership holders receive ‘front of the line’ privileges to all voice actor panels & signings at our convention.
Due to the perks granted by these special badges, there is a limited number available for this tier of membership. If you would like to buy this tier of membership, please e-mail us directly at
Already bought your badge? You can also upgrade your current membership to the Sponsor level by contacting us at

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