Cow bells and Wedding bells

A very strange yet amazing piece by DrDissonance1 is out. This piece features his usual orchestral theme but this time coupled with a cowbell and a kazoo. Yes you read that correctly, the song is part of a parody of the well received Balloon Party called ‘Cowbell Party’. Which obviously means that the pieces will contain cowbells (Kazoo’s are optional).

Bandcamp page:

Youtube page:

JoshLohMusic (StormWolf) has uploaded his remix of ‘This Day Aria’. The remix features a faster paced beat than the original but is still true to the original melody, along with a little dance, synth and electro-ish bass touches to it. As it still features an orchestral theme to it his friend Senjan says it could be called electrodanceorchestraltrancecombo, catchy huh?

OdysseyEurobeat has uploaded his remix of This Day Aria, this fandom certainly gets it’s worth out of every song that’s for sure. The vocals are sung by Jessa, which is actually his voice but pitched up a little. It certainly takes talent to turn an orchestral song into his style so it’s certainly worth a listen. The song features his usual style along with his interesting  way of making the vocals, even if he did have a little trouble with it.




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