B.U.C.K. Update: New Guests + Contest

We’ve got fresh updates from B.U.C.K. about new guests and a contest to win 3 free Standard tickets to the convention! And now a word from Slightly Eccentric, Publicity Manager of B.U.C.K.

Here’s whats been cracking off in the magical land of BUCK in the past 24 hours:
Two new guests!
Sketchy Sounds from the Everfree Radio crew and Laserpon3 who will be providing pretty lasers for our fabulous pinkie pie party on the Saturday night!
Also, If anyone feels like bagging themselves 3 free Standard tickets to BUCK, they can enter our publicity competition! More details here: http://ukofequestria.co.uk/threads/publicity-competition.2595/
Publicity Manager
BUCK- The Brony UK Convention


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