Canterlot Gardens Announcements: Cathy Weseluck & More!

Canterlot Gardens Announces The Great Cathy Weseluck, Voice of Mayor Mare and Spike!
That’s not all – D.C. Douglas, Cristina Vee, and more! The Epic Tale Of Canterlot Gardens, Part
2. Read more!

That’s right! Cathy Weseluck – The voice of both Mayor Mare and Spike will be in attendance at
Canterlot Gardens this September 28th through 30th in Strongsville, Ohio. It was fantastic working with
her to coordinate this appearance, and we can assure that her presence will only increase the warm vibe
at our convention! Meet Cathy for autographs, and of course make sure to see her during our VA panel.
Today we are also proud to announce that we will have D.C. Douglas in attendance. D.C. Douglas is
perhaps best known for his work portraying Wesker from the Resident Evil series, and upcoming
Resident Evil 5, not to forget in games such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. He is also known as the voice of
Legion in the Mass Effect series, his appearance on Workaholics, Raven in the Tekken and Street
Fighter Vs. Tekken series, and even as Chase in Transformers: Rescue Bots. Douglas’ work in voice
acting is so dense that we cannot even cover all the great things he has done. We’ll simply leave you
with this.

Joining D.C. Douglas this September is Cristina Vee – Most recently known as the voice of Cerebella
in the hit game Skullgirls. Cristina Vee has been a big figure in the voice acting community over the
years, having also voiced Noel Vermillion in the Blazblue series, in addition to Homura Akemi from
Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Oh, and did we forget to say that she even portrays Mio Akiyama in ‘KOn!’?
Both D.C. Douglas and Cristina Vee will be available for autographs, and other soon-to-be-announced

In more community-related news, Legends of Equestria are officially going to be present at Canterlot
Gardens! Their game, a 3d MMORPG, will be shown off at the Gardens along with other special
events! In addition to that, we suspect that they may just be doing a panel, and showing off their
progress since inception as Equestria Online.

Finally, musician news! Forest Rain, known for his work on numerous community driven projects, will
also be in appearance at our convention for a live musical performance. Forest Rain will be performing
songs from his huge library of work, and we hear that he is going to have the support of Decibel
joining him on stage.

Please keep up to date with Canterlot Gardens by joining us on our forums, and of course
@canterlotgrdns on Twitter! See you next week!

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