Project: Create! **UPDATE

Remember that incredible photo of Lauren Faust under a GIANT Fausticorn poster (shown left)? It got quite a bit of attention on Facebook. The only problem? It’s a fake. This photo was edited; here’s the original.

However, people thought that this photo was so amazing that we decided to make it real!

Accordingly, we are collecting money to have a REAL 42″ x 54″ print of ‘Faust Create’ printed, mounted on 1/4″ gatorboard, framed, and presented to Ms. Faust at BronyCon Summer 2012.

Please help in our effort: Contribute to Project: CREATE at! This project has already been featured on the biggest Bronies Facebook page and retweeted by Tara Strong and many other ponies, but time is short. Funds will only be collected until the day before BronyCon, and all excess will go to the charity of the artist’s choice.



**UPDATE: A brand new message from Purple Tinker, updating about Project: Create! Read below

The printing and mounting of the poster has begun! Total cost so far: $545, precisely as predicted. We still need money for framing and delivery, so please keep your contributions coming! We’re short around $150 if you don’t count shipping costs; probably several hundred more than that if you do. As a reminder, any excess money collected will go to the charity of the artist’s choice, and fund contributions will be cut off at $2K.

Go to to pitch in!

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