EverFree Radio Announces Live Official Bronycon Coverage

Curious about what’s going to be going on at Bronycon this weekend but don’t have the means to make the trip? You’re in luck, thanks to the fine folks over at EverFree Radio.

The bronified radio station has just released its official BronyCon Summer 2012 live coverage information. EverFree will be covering both stages at the con on both days with two simultaneous streams, giving viewers and listeners the opportunity to catch the events of his or her choice.

The full event schedule is displayed in one’s own local timezone on the site’s Official BronyCon Viewer Page, so conversion errors can be avoided. The page also gives the opportunity to swap streams if one wishes.

EverFree will also have roving camera teams wandering the convention floor, providing coverage of the booths and other attractions that aren’t on the stages.

Still miss something? No worries — every aired panel will also be recorded for later upload to YouTube.

For more information, stop by EverFree’s website and subscribe to its YouTube Channel to get updates on the panels as they get put up immediately following the event.

-Four String

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