UPDATE: Hasbro Takes Down Friendship Is Witchcraft, Others from YouTube, Fan Websites

It looks like Hasbro are starting to crack down over on YouTube in a big way – at least, when it comes to America. A big number of videos are now starting to get the dreaded ‘Sorry about that.’ note with claims being made from ‘Hasbro Studios LLC’. It was confirmed earlier this month that the takedowns are coming from the toy company, and isn’t an elaborate troll campaign. One of the biggest victims is Sherclop Pones, of Friendship Is Witchcraft fame, who’s seen all his videos taken down due to it using content from the show:


He’s pledged to re-upload the videos, and no doubt a lot of other people will do the same in the traditional cat-and-mouse way, but it seems that the company are starting to say ‘enough’s enough’ with the easy access to the show through YouTube. The videos are still accessible outside of the US, the videos are still available through a UK IP address, but chances are that the autonomous copyright robot will catch up. Of course, Hasbro has the same right to protect their property in the same way Cartoon Network and Disney does, and they’ve been pretty accepting up to now, but it’s still sad to see, and we can only hope this doesn’t drastically affect some of the great content being created. We shall prevail – as long as we have these Guy Fawkes masks…

UPDATE: It seems that Hasbro have also stuck their boot into the Equestria Girls website – a fan created page that was released just after the video (now featuring a message entitled “Nice Job Hasbro”. They’re now enforcing their copyright of the ‘Equestria Girls’ brand, over 1 and a half years after the website was created, and are now letting the owner of the page know they want to “start the process of transferring the domain name registration to Hasbro.” Not purchase, or challenge – “transfer.” I wonder if they’d like to prohibit the same use of property from news sites like ourselves?

  1. Robots are easy to fool Jewtube’s copyright enforcer only analizes audio data, removing certain frequencies or adding bogus data on non audible (<20Htz) bands likely could trump that robot.

  2. Just to check: Hasbro makes money from products on WeLoveFine right?

    Where they have T-shirts based on jokes from Friendship is Witchcraft and other fan works, yes?

    Kinda fucked up, if so.

    Also, REALLY tired of losing my videos to this.

  3. I can see why they would try to take down things that are aimed to entertain the older audience. They wouldn’t want to put a bad stain in the reputation for having a childrens show

  4. Yup, you should do your research before instilling false fear on the news sites. Hasbro didn’t file the trademark for Equestria Girls until Dec. 18, 2012: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4003:lw6nwe.2.1

    Along with another filing on Dec. 17, 2012:

    Thus, it would’ve been kind of pointless for them to pursue protection of that trademark before then as the trademark simply didn’t exist. As it stands, they filed the trademark in just under one month of filing it.

    Protip: TESS is your friend when writing about trademarks.

    • Hi Starlight,

      I didn’t post this to solely stir up false fear. It was simply created on reaction to seeing that the FiW videos were no longer showing in the US. In regards to the copyright, I was aware that it was filed late last year but I’m not fully aware of the copyright law in the US and when you can/can’t file it from – granted, I should have looked into it, but I just posted what I spotted making the rounds to the end of the article. Also, I’m currently doing a lot of coursework, and simply didn’t get the time in between :P

      Thanks for bringing it up though, and I’ll definately look at it in the future if this situation arises again.

  5. I’m pretty sure that the “copyright” concept conveys a intellectual property right. The property right to a web address is not the same piece of property as the name, as Hasbro could just take the .net, .us, .org, or any other name for the webaddress. There were cases where coca cola and other corporations payed smart investors tons for their domain names, even thought the phase itself was copyrighted or trademarked.

  6. Gee, isn’t this one of the mane reasons why Aaron Schwartz died? Over-protection of intellectual property… When will the Americans learn…

  7. ARE THEY ALL FUCKING STUPID? fan work is nowhere near copyright infringement, if anything, its free publicity. It makes the fans more involved and less likely to drop the series while waiting for the next season since they still have things to watch and to read. Sure a lot of the video is here but who cares…. the original sounds and script isn’t, so its not has if it would make less people buy stuffs from Hasbro. I bet their burocrats just took a hasty decision without really thinking of what was to gain in doing that.

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  9. They should take this to court and claim that since this is satire it counts as “fair use”. People have succeeded with that line of legal argument before.

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