Scootareader Looks Into: Twilight’s Princesshood

No Scootaloo. I am disappoint.

No Scootaloo. I am disappoint. Courtesy


Warning: The following post contains a lot of spoilers from the season 3 finale episode, Magical Mystery Cure. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, this will ruin some of the plot for you. You have been warned.

Well, it’s over. Finished. The season finale has premiered and ended. There have been highs, and there have been lows. Lows and highs! Highs and lows. Like Rarity in Lesson Zero, we looked everywhere, and we found it. Finally, Derpy has definitively returned.

More importantly, we are experiencing a huge change in our beloved series. Please sit down to read this. The mainest of main characters, Twilight Sparkle, now has a pair of nifty new wings. You may stand up from where you fell on the ground now.

In all seriousness, this is an incredibly big change. Just how big of a change? Well, the community has been in an uproar about it ever since they heard about Twilight toys with wings first popping up in stores. There were rumors circulating about the possibility of Twilight getting a pair of wings at some point in the series, but nothing had been confirmed.

Tumblr Post

The post that first shook the fandom with its mention of Alicorn Twilight.

The first noteworthy mention concerning Alicorn Twilight came in the form of a notorious post that began to appear on Tumblr, as well as several other forum/imageboard sites, which predicted big changes for the show. The initial reactions to this post were extremely negative; not a single good word was being bandied about for the inclusion of Alicorn Twilight, though the exclusion of Derpy seemed to be pretty hot news at the time as well. This post was quickly dismissed as rumor, however, as it lent credibility only due to the fact that Derpy had been getting phased out during season 3, with the rest seeming like wild assumptions of a man desperate for attention.

Though the Alicorn Twilight rumor mill continued for a while, it was removed from the minds of most of the fandom at this time; most bronies were convinced that Hasbro wouldn’t make such a bold move and potentially sever all ties with a significantly large fanbase. The only guaranteed winged Twilights that we were getting were all just toys, and while it seemed more likely that they would introduce such a change, it was still very unlikely. This perception was finally altered when Hasbro announced that Twilight would be becoming an alicorn in the season 3 finale.

Immediately, the response from the fandom was negative. Of course it would be negative; the main main character was undergoing a drastic change. She was becoming goddess-tier. This would separate her from her friends, and they wouldn’t be able to do things together as friends anymore. It scared the hell out of everybody, despite reassurances from all of the writers, animators, voice actors, and other staff that it wasn’t going to destroy the show.

A promotional poster for the Princess Coronation.

A promotional poster for the Princess Coronation.

After the announcement, it seemed like a countdown until the big day. Hasbro began a large promotional campaign for the season finale, which they dubbed “Princess Coronation,” much in the way that the previous season’s finale was known as “Royal Wedding.” In much the same way that they got a guest star to host the Royal Wedding, they had Miss America host season 3′s finale.

Also not helping matters was the series of lackluster episodes immediately leading up to the finale. After Apple Family Reunion, some of the less devoted bronies became more estranged when they heard about the disappointment some others had felt over Spike at Your Service, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and Just for Sidekicks, and a select few deciding that the season finale wasn’t really worth their time after all. Games Ponies Play was considered more successful than its predecessors, but it still didn’t remove the fear from the general population that the coronation would completely bomb.

In the week immediately leading up to Magical Mystery Cure, the hype campaign reached an all-time high. Spoilers were popping up left and right; writers were releasing tiny tidbits of teasers to keep our spirits up; and, due to some devoted fans watching Daniel Ingram, we found that there would be 26 episodes in season 4. Perhaps the biggest news that rattled the foundations since the release of the series, however, was a small excerpt from a magazine handed out at Toy Fair 2013 with news about Hasbro’s next big IP, Equestria Girls. With some rumors having been speculated about humans in Equestria in season 4, this statement detracted from those and more placed humanized ponies into their own universe, separate from MLP. Still, it was a big find, and it shocked fans to a high degree just before a lynchpin season finale for an incredibly popular show was going to air.

Leading up to the finale, some fans had replaced their doubts with optimism, saying that they were hopeful about Alicorn Twilight. Others were still convinced that not even the MLP writing staff would be able to make this good enough to allay their suspicions. A third group also cropped up at this time, something of a neutral party, neither hopeful nor opposed to this change, but rather looking forward to seeing if it could be successful. The fandom began holding their breath and waited for the finale to hit.

And hit the finale did. A 30-minute borderline musical, full of revelation, epic spells, and intrigue. Not to mention that Twilight got wings. It hit the nail on the head for the target audience, being exactly the kind of show parents would be happy with their kids watching. The message was solid, the storyboard was solid, and the delivery was solid. It was all that a 6-year-old could have asked for in an episode.

So, the question then turned to, “What about bronies?” How did bronies like it? Was it received positively? Negatively? Did they even watch it? Overall, those who did watch it responded quite positively, despite how much negative buildup there had been. Those who missed it and checked brony fansites generally felt like they’d actually missed a big event.

The allure? Well, that’s a pretty silly question to ask. The draw of ponies has been discussed time and again, and this episode is no exception. The downsides? Ah, there’s a different story. The main problem with the episode is that it felt too rushed, much like Keep Calm and Flutter On had felt several episodes earlier. The sequence of events that turned Twilight into an alicorn just seemed too easy, and it seemed like the creative talent had been stifled by having to cram such a big episode into 22 measly minutes. Past this, other complaints included too much music, too much Celestia bowing to Twilight, and too much depressing song that gave bronies the feels.

Alicorn Twilight

At the end of the episode, the new princess flies into the screen, declaring, “Everything is going to be just fine!”

The writing staff, especially Daniel Ingram, were immediately assaulted by primarily positive feedback. Twitter pages suddenly got packed with congratulatory tweets telling the nervous team responsible for creating the finale that they’d outdone themselves. No one was sure how this episode would end, but the writing team seems to have definitively sculpted a season finale that no one was sure they could manage whilst keeping the majority of their fanbase intact.

Overall, there has been positive and negative feedback on the episode in noteworthy amounts. Whether a brony agrees or disagrees with what happened, not every episode can satisfy everyone, and even season finales can miss the mark, especially with something as crucial as a game-changer of the core character. Whether this was your cup of tea or another episode to fall to the wayside, just remember that it’s ponies, and this fandom wasn’t expected in the first place, so we have to expect to tolerate at least some things we don’t want. As they said in the new promo: Stay pony, my friends.

2 responses on “Scootareader Looks Into: Twilight’s Princesshood

  1. Snowplow

    I have to say I enjoyed the season finale for the most part, with the only real complaint being that the length was a bit short.

    The only other thing I have to mention then is about Derpy. I’m not sure if she really is gone for good next season or not now based off that post. Everything else has been true, but it seems like Hasbro has been finally selling toys with her, so it wouldn’t make sense. Either way, it kind of leaves some hope for her to appear next season at the least.

  2. Flammenwerfer

    I have issue with two things:

    1. The inital rumor was just that: a rumor, started by a troll; the only credible thing was Derpy. The rest of that claim (Alicorn Twilight) was an educated guess based on the little tidbits of merch and promo art featuring her with wings.

    So yes, people were RIGHT, but remember that it was mostly conjecture with little actualy evidence. Please, to the fans, REMEMBER THIS next time there’s a new rumor, and don’t go immediately believing everything you hear.

    2. The Equestria girls thing: again, as above, conjecture and possibly not even that, merely lucky guesses.

    A.) The patents that were filed suggest something, but what is to say that they were referring to human dolls? Nothing. Show me the patent office’s definition of dolls, and we can determine whether or not pony figures count as dolls, and then decide.

    I say this because, again, lucky guess: until we know what the defintion of ‘doll’ is we can’t know what is in their minds, and that person who released that humans in Equestria rumor couldn’t know either. Plus, he was SPECULATING. READ IT AND SEE that he was speculating (
    Words like ‘could’ and ‘possibly’ tend to imply this in English, you know?

    It was a lucky guess, therefore, I reiterate.

    B.) The other reason I say this is because, well, the humanised spin-off (if it IS confirmed, but we have no proper confirmation from Zammap yet) is a SPINOFF. So the guy who wrote the original post up top of this blog and said “Something worse will happen in S4 of the MAIN SERIES…” is CLEARLY a troll or highly misinformed.

    C) And all of this makes sense when you consider something very, very odd, i.e. that the new IP will be announced IN SUMMER AT COMIC-CON for a FALL release, and according to Zammap Eq. G. comes out in SPRING. I am surprised nobody has noticed this before now.

    Unless this is a separate thing, and the new IP is something else. This could mean that the movie will contain ponies… It would also be a spin off, as it would run CONCURRENTLY with S4.

    Even if (C) is wrong, which it could be, as it is only speculation, wait and see, (A) and (B) are definitely correct.

    Let these be lessons to you all: 1. MOST IMPORTANTLY, examine and dissect all the evidence skeptically to see if it’s flimsy, or if someone is/would be right due to a lucky guess, 2. therefore don’t blindly listen to the first rumors that come out based on the flimsiest of evidence, and then 3. someone being right once in the past doesn’t make them right on all counts if they’re only right due to a lucky guess or flimsy evidence (i.e. Twilicorn).

    Apply these three rules of thumb not just to pony rumors but with ALL THINGS in life.

    THINK FOR YOURSELVES, THINK CRITICALLY, THINK LONG, THINK HARD, THINK OF TOUGH QUESTIONS TO ASK. because if you don’t do that and instead go off on a rumor and run around like headless Scoo- chickens, then you DESERVE to get in a state because you didn’t bother to think.

    Please, bronies, do so.


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