Bronies – The Unreleased Tapes Indiegogo Fundraiser

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Remember that documentary that came out a few months ago titled “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony” and the extended interviews that it got released with about a month after? Well, there’s even more footage that they want to release to the fandom!

They are currently fundraising to release this material to the public, and need the money to afford the editing, splicing, and commerce to make it a professional release, through their Indiegogo campaign. At the time of the writing of this post, their modest goal of $15,000 is already 1/3 paid for. Considering it went up earlier today, it looks like this fundraiser might break a record of fastest campaign goal ever reached or something.

Oh, and they also provided a video showcasing some of the material that you may get to see if the fundraiser completes on their page. How exciting!

One response on “Bronies – The Unreleased Tapes Indiegogo Fundraiser

  1. Snowplow

    I feel kind of apathetic towards this seeing as it’s the third time (if I’m remembering correctly) they’re holding a fundraiser for just the Brony documentary. Not only that, I’d assume they would have already used the best stuff for the actual documentary. Going on that, all I can see being left is either stuff that is on par in quality that didn’t fit or stuff that just didn’t hold up to everything else.

    To be fair though, I’ll wait and see how people enjoyed it when it finally gets funded before deciding how good it is since there could be some decent material left along with whatever else they throw in.

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