‘Equestria Girls’ Synopsis Released

The publisher behind the latest (and upcoming) MLP books has released a brochure detailing some future releases – one of which sounds fairly intriguing for those of an anthropological nature. Set for release in October (which fits in with the Season 4 release date), ‘My Little Pony – Super Special’  has quite the interesting synopsis that details what could be what to expect from this ‘Equestria Girls’ franchise that everyone is getting butthurt excited about. It also further supports the idea that this will be the feature-length episode (or ‘movie’) that’s been touted. You can check the synopsis after the break – there’s also a description for the Rainbow Dash novel written by G.M. Berrow, also after that there break.

(HT: Round Stable and Reddit)

My Little Pony: Super Saiyan Special Synopsis:

Get an exciting longer story in our first Super Special chapter book for MY LITTLE PONY. In an effort to regain her stolen crown, Princess Twilight Sparkle steps through a magical mirror, into a completely new world where some things have changed, but true friendships remain magical!

Rainbow Dash and The Daring Double Do Dare (Out January 2014):

Rainbow Dash has always been a huge fan of the Daring Do series, but when the newest book comes out, it’s Daring Do madness! The pony wants to prove she can be just a brave and “daring” as her hero. Before she knows it, she becomes “Daring Dash.” and is doing all sorts of crazy things—tightrope walking (no wings!), hot chili pepper eating, and even sneaking inside a spooky old barn. But when Rainbow Dash offers to help Zecora by entering a scary, haunted forest alone, her friends worry she’s jumping into too much danger. Just how daring should one pony be?

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