TrotCon 2013 – Equestria Inspired Announcement


One of the most remarkable aspects of our wonderful brony community is our expansiveness, and not in just in terms of numbers, but in how we hold such a productive YouTube presence, also having created a ponified version of Magic: The Gathering (never mind, got C&D’d) and so many awesome video games, like Fighting is Magic (oops, that als- dammit Hasbro!). Keeping with the game topic, Trotcon has announced a new Guest of Honor, Equestria Inspired Gaming!

Founded by Draìoct Neighsach, this is a group emphasizing the gaming part of the fandom, from old school party games to normal video games. They will have their own gaming room for fun and selling some of their awesome products! For the full official announcment, stay tuned after the break, and visit Equestria Inspired’s site here.

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Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Cadance, Everyone Awarded by BTVA

In case you don’t know, Behind The Voice Actor is a news website detailing the great work that VAs do to bring characters to life – and they’ve just released the results of their 2nd annual awards, with some recognition for the cast of MLP – albeit all of them were selected as People’s Choice winners, and not the overall winner. Tara Strong was chosen as Voice Actress of the Year, Claire Corlett – Sweetie Belle – got Best Female Vocal Performance from a Child, Britt McKillip – Cadance – got Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role, and the show overall was picked for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series (Children’s/Educational).

It’s disappointing to see that the show isn’t receiving as much love from critics as we give it (even if we’re manic obsessives), and especially since they certainly think highly of the team at DHX after the recent Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Littlest Pet Shop. Nevertheless, it’s still an achievement that Tara, Claire, Britt and the whole team can be proud to have, and congratulations to them all! You can check out the final awards over on the Behind the Voice Actors website.