Scootareader Looks Into: Pony Merch

Scootaloo's Doll

After necessities, what do we spend money on? Tools? Services rendered? Charity? How about completely pointless collectables that will not rise in value or give anything other than a brief sense of ownership and then spend the majority of their time on shelves collecting dust?

As the amount of Scootaloo representation in my locker rises, I question what would drive a brony to buy a trading card, or a plushie, or a custom figurine. Most merchandise bought by bronies has very little actual use, typically being consigned to a shelf where the collection in total can then be marveled at briefly by others with similar interests before returning to the background of their mind. What exactly is the drive for pony merch?

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Everfree Northwest Seeks Items for Charity Auction!



It’s no secret that the brony community has a lot of talent hiding amongst our ranks. Everfree Northwest knows this, and they would enjoy nothing more than to help you guys sell some of your wares in donation to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. From woodcraft to metal-molding, all of the items will be put into a big auction intended to raise money for a just cause. Head past the break to get the full scoop on their charity auction!

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