Fancy New Merch at WeLoveFine!


WeLoveFine is now listing a number of additional products, including a new series of MLP apparel and accessories! Among their new products are a number of exclusive T-Shirts that were going to be sold at the Big Apple Ponycon, but were sold out. They’re at WLF for a  limited time, so pick them up now if you want one! They also haves shirts that emulate classic pinball games, but with a Mane 6 twist. Take a look at a few of the highlights after the break. Continue reading

BUCK Makes Special VIP Announcement



BUCK is one of the hardest cons to find headline images for. Doctor Whooves is close enough!

It would seem that BUCK has two more guests on its roster: Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers. They will even be on a guest panel. The interesting part? They won’t actually be in the UK. We can only assume this is to prevent certain fans from touching them too much. We all know that feeling, right guys? Right?

They also have more information on a podcast they were in recently, as well as their tickets; if you want a special edition ticket, best to get moving soon. Details after the break!

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Trotcon Announces Peter New and Dave Polsky, Releases Lee Tockar



No, Lee Tockar wasn’t in captivity; something much better has happened!

TrotCon recently announced that Lee Tockar will no longer be joining them at their convention this summer, though on a decidedly good note: Mr. Tockar has been nominated for an Emmy! As such, Emmy night happens to conflict with the TrotCon schedule, so, despite Tockar’s uncanny ability to be in two places at once, he will not be able to make TrotCon this year.

However, TrotCon has decided that they will make up for it with two new guests: Peter New, voice of Big Macintosh and a fairly consistent con-goer, and Dave Polsky, writer of some of the crazier episodes of the show. There’s also some important details on sponsor badges! Their full announcement can be found after the break.

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