Sweet Apple Acres Con Announces Lee Tockar


Has anyone ever noticed that both of Lee Tockar’s characters are obsessed with mustaches?

Looks like Sweet Apple Acres Con has Lee Tockar slated as their next talent for the awesome convention coming up! He does the voice acting for Snips and Steven Magnet. More details after the break!

Sweet Apple Acres Con Announces Voice Actor Lee Tockar 

Sweet Apple Acres Con is pleased to announce Daytime Emmy nominee Lee Tockar as the next voice actor in their lineup of show guests.

Though known mostly as the voice behind the fan-named sea serpent Steven Magnet and Snips, Tockar has voiced over a hundred animated roles, including for series such as Lee Tockar received a Daytime Emmy nomation for his role as Pronto in the animated series Slugterra, which airs on Disney XD.

Additionally, Tockar is the founder and CEO of Fanbuilt Productions, the world’s first virtual animation studio. Fanbuilt is an online forum and theater where animators, writers, musicians, artists, composers and designers can create, collaborate, coordinate, and complete animated projects to share with the world.

For more information on Sweet Apple Acres Con and to register to for the July 12-14 event in Nashville, Tenn., visit their website. Also don’t forget to follow their Facebook andTwitter to get the latest updates as there are more announcements still to come!

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