Two More Equestria Girls Reviews from CBR and The Outhouse


Getting tired of these yet? So are we, but news is news!

First review we’ve got up is from Comic Book Resources, who title their article “Hasbro takes bizarre turn with ‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls’.” Nothing really bad here; they take note of a few facts that have gone into developing the movie, such as Meghan McCarthy spearheading the project.

The second review from The Outhouse is titled “My Little Pony Gets Sexualized Teen Movie Reboot.” Ah, now there’s trouble in River City. It’s more of a personal piece from the perspective of a father with two daughters and a son who is frustrated with some of the things that his children are exposed to nowadays, citing several others whom he spoke with concerning this upcoming movie and their alleged sexualization of the characters. Happy reading!

New Treasury Edition Of MLP Comics To Be Released

The MLP Comics have been hugely successful for IDW Comics – and as a result, they’re releasing yet another special edition for us moneybag Bronies. The ‘Colour Me!’ Treasury Edition includes an oversized, non-colored version of ‘the entire first first issue’, which is the first 4 comics by Katie Cook and Andy Price. It also includes each front cover for all four editions – 48 in total. So if you’re into crayons and collectivism, this could be for you. It’s due for release on 12th June, and should be in all good comic book shops around that time – check the listing over on Previews World.

Jezebel Posts Article on Equestria Girls



Pic unrelated.

To those who want to hear what “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.” have to say on the upcoming movie, head on to Jezebel’s article on the implications for women concerning Equestria Girls. I’m not sure who the author is, but she said “Equestrian Girls” for the movie name, then called the purple human “Polly Sparkle,” so her credibility is kinda wavering at this point. She also seems to like horses.

EDIT: At the behest of Four String, I delved into the Polly Pocket reference the author was probably going for. I watched portions of the CGI Polly Pocket as well as the animated PollyWorld. Polly and Twilight have very little personality similarities, save that they find friends a good thing.

Barrington Books in RI hosts an MLP Book Reading


Barrington Books, the premier bookstore in Barrington, Rhode Island, is going to be hosting a My Little Pony book reading in honor of Children’s Book Week 2013. Mary Jane Begin, author and illustrator of My Little Pony: Under The Sparkling Sea will be reading her new book to a crowd of fans as well as doing an MLP drawing demonstration for the kids present. Sounds like a fun time to be had by all, doesn’t it?