Equestria Girls – Two Sides of the Coin

There’s been a lot said about this new dynamic venture for the MLP Brand – soon we shall see our favourite characters a lot more anthropomorphic than we expect, dealing with an issue that’s a lot more relatable to the core demographic – High School. Next month, theatres will open to a feature-length episode that has threatened to tear the overall fandom apart once again. Whether you’re for or against the ‘Equestria Girls’ franchise, we will keep you informed about all the latest goings-on and newest developments about this important crossroads in this community’s life cycle. As a result of the controversy, The Daily Oat camp is split across whether this will be the best thing since diced bread, or a mushroom cloud of failure. Therefore, to avoid overall bias towards either side, we have given you the two extremes of what we believe – firstly, the negative side highlighted by pro-scribe Jroddie; and secondly. the positive side put by our resident tea-drinker Yup. What side you fall on is up to you – but we just want to get this out the way and shove the debate onto you, the readers.

Let battle commence, sort of!

TheoryBrony Is About to Be Homeless!



To those of you who haven’t heard of TheoryBrony, he’s a pretty renowned theorist (fancy that) who analyzes different aspects of the show and comes up with ideas on why they are the way they are. Currently, his home could very well be whisked away from him and he will be unable to give us more wonderful videos or extrapolations. To those who want to help, you can donate to his Paypal account of armoredstallion@gmail.com, or you can call him and set up some way to help; the phone number is in the video after the break. If you can help, we’re certain he would greatly appreciate you saving his flank!

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MLP Comics Nominated For Award

Kids Comics are getting a lot of credit of late – especially with writing improving dramatically to the point that they aren’t being patronised. Thanks to that, Podcasts like ‘Kids Comics Revolution’ have emerged and taken the mantle for their very own ‘Kids Comics Awards’. The good news is that the My Little Pony series has been nominated for ‘Favourite Comic Book Series – Licensed’ – that’s alongside other fandom favourites Avatar, Adventure Time, Sonic and – er – Garfield. The awards are based on online votes, so click here to put your nomination in by 23rd June and help get an award for the awesome people who put their blood and sweat into each comic…metaphorically.

Google Puts Ponies in Their App



Ever wanted to have ponies randomly pop up in a conversation with other people? Google gets that, so, in addition to their standard repertoire of / actions (/hello, /wave, /dance), they have added /ponies to the list for their app known as Hangouts. Currently, only the web version supports this, but the action, rather than giving a text reply, has a pony run across your screen, according to the article stating this. It’s only a matter of time before we have rampaging droves of multicolored equines stampeding across the screens of our mobile phones.

Oatmeal #1

Pinkie Pie and Giant Cupcake

So, us writers at The Daily Oat realized one day that, while we do post awesome news for you guys to read, we didn’t have any oatmeal. But not anymore! Every Thursday, look for Pinkie’s beaming face and see what surprises are in store!

For our opening week, we have a somewhat somber tribute to Derpy Hooves, Mike Rowe telling us who is best pony, a game that lets you produce all the Pinkie clones you want, a Pinkie Pie automaton, some d’aww with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo freestyling some drums!

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