Equestria Girls – Why It’s Good (by Yup)

From what you’ve probably seen across the badlands of the internetz, there is a lot of uncertainty and anger about what Equestria Girls will offer. There are many decrying of how it’ll ruin the franchise, how MLP will be reduced to six idiotic girls giggling about make-up and boys. Yet many are responding with a decent point – we’ve been here before.

When details of the Season 2 finale came out, there was concern over the inclusion of Cadance as just another toy for kids to pester their Mom for – and that turned into a brilliantly dramatic episode featuring deceipt, dethroning, and a delightful musical number. When there was a ragequit over Alicorn Twilight, that became one of the most emotional episodes written – Celestia SANG, damnit! The same people who threaten not to watch the show anymore, are the same who convinced their friends to try this show for little girls because it’s NOT what’s expected.

The toy commercial-cum-insect pony hybrid hell bent on destroying Equestria.

A lot of reservations have quietened now that we see that this will be almost exactly the same as usual – same brilliant writers, animators, VAs and others. Yet some of the same staff, according to Equestria Daily, are now considering leaving working on MLP due to aggression over whether they can pull it off. They have been loved by many at different conventions across the world, and their influence on this gaggle of weird adolescents have been ten-fold – yet they still face hostility about their work. I don’t get that. These people got you to watch My Little Pony and become an evangelist for it.

Personally, I think it looks great. From the trailer, it looks like the same humor remains, the same slick animation style is there, and there’s an interesting storyline beneath it. Yes, I’m wondering about how studying for three seasons and defeating several chaotic villains to become a ruler of Equestria is downplayed to high school and becoming prom queen – but I trust the same writers who have given us such magic before with apparently generic instructions from an office in Rhode Island. And to see what they come up with on this challenging instruction only makes me more excited about seeing it next month.

Just look at this picture of Twilight looking at a pen and tell me that’s not adorkable. LOOK AT IT.

One thing I will say about Hasbro – they’re very clever. As well as envoking interest and encouraging debate amongst this difficult market segment, it could add a new angle to the traditional doll toys. The Simpsons highlighted this well with ‘Malibu Stacy’ that taught girls what gender stereotypes they should stick to. MLP has already helped to change gender roles – Applejack the Assisuous Farmer, Rarity the Renowned Business Owner, Twilight the Educated Princess. If those characteristics are carried over to their humanised forms, as well as their shortcoming, this will give young girls and teenagers a toy they can relate to and define themselves with – an important feature for today’s concerned parent.

We have trusted the DHX team for the past 3 years with creating a cartoon that has changed the attitudes of many people about what they expect from a ‘girl’s show’. It’s understandable that people are scared about what to expect – but aggression and pure refusal of this movie is definitely not the way to go about it. You’ve trusted this show for years, and brought you into a world that you would have been too stubborn to explore in the past. Watch the movie – if you like it, great; if not, that’s your opinion and you have a plethora of ways to continue loving the original show until Season 4 begins this Winter.

Give this new adventure a try with an open mind – because that’s what brought you here already.

  1. Enjoyable and smoothly written article, and managed to stay rather objective for an editorial piece too. :3

    I’m really looking forward to the movie myself though; when looking at the trailer I see a movie that will offer a great mix of comedy, drama and action.

    I know the high school setting is very daunting for many, though I believe EG will come to break with a lot of the genre norms. The prom queen quest for example isn’t about shallow and selfish reasons to be the best, or get more attention and other cliché reasonings typical for that genre – it’ll be about recovering the stolen crown, which do promise adventure and action right there.

    The romance thing is another typical cliché thing of that genre that I don’t think will play out the way people are jumping to conclusions about so far. Though I must say, I will be greatly amused if it turns out Twi, as a pony, is kinky enough to have a thing for a “monkey” – though I honestly can’t see them go down that road. x3

  2. I am in total agreement with this article. There are legitimate concerns, but for fans to instantly hate this without watching it is outright hypocritical. Let just see how this goes before we judge.

    What I see is really Hasbro putting the Ponies (Twilight in particular) in the forefront.

    The episodes from the show you mentioned are two of my all-time favorites.

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