Botcon 2013 to have MLP/Transformers Crossover Comic Cover

Fluttershy Comic Variant Cover Botcon


To those who keep up with the MLP comic series, there are currently 7 issues out of the main series and there’s about to be 4 issues of a micro-series that focuses on specific characters and isn’t related to the primary story arcs of the main series. Issue #5 will focus on Pinkie Pie, and will be coming out this June at some point.

To those who will be attending Botcon this year, there is an opportunity to show off brony pride by getting an exclusive cover from the convention (shown above). ¬†As you can see, Pinkie Pie is dressed up as Optimus Prime (we shall dub her Optimus Pie) in the hand of Optimus Prime. Want a chance at something that’s truly quite rare? Better go to Botcon! Check out the full article here.

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