BronyCon Announces Voice Actress Nicole Oliver


Her Royal Majesty and our favorite teacher, Nicole Oliver has been announced to come to BronyCon. All titles aside, Nicole is really cool in real life, but try not to ask her stupid questions. The full press release is after the break. More info on this and the rest of the cons is right over here.

BronyCon is proud to once again welcome the voice of Princess Celestia and Cheerilee, Nicole Oliver!

Well known for her work on shows such as Ranma ½Littlest Pet ShopX-Men: Evolution and Maison Ikkoku, Oliver is also a talented actress appearing in episodes of everything from Stargate SG-1 toSupernatural. In addition to those impressive credits, she’s dabbled in producing and directing for television and film. We’re honored to have her grace our stage a third time!

To read more about BronyCon’s guest lineup, visit our guest page. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our TwitterFacebook, and Tumblr for more exciting announcements!

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