BronyDays Announces M.A. Larson, JanAnimation

Thanks to the Indiegogo campaign that was launched a while back, the BronyDays team based in Paris have been able to confirm their first guests for the convention scheduled this October. M.A. Larson – writer of excellent episodes like ‘Sonic Rainboom’ and that one where Twilight morphs or something – will travel across the Atlantic to visit the convention and be blamed for everything in French. Also announced is JanAnimation, probably the best non-official animator out there who’s created videos for ‘Picture Perfect Pony‘ and the ‘Let’s Meet The Bronies‘ song from the documentary.

This is a very strong first announcement from the con team and they promise more guests to be announced as more funds are gathered. If you want to help out, and get some brill goodies in return, hit up their Indiegogo page and donate what you can!

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