The Daily Oat Interviews: Ponu

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Ever wanted to have your news, entertainment, comics, music, and other miscellaneous pony-related things in one convenient, easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing interface? Kinetiqa, the creator and maintainer of Ponu, agrees with this! To those who don’t have Ponu yet, it is currently available on the Android, and a webapp version ready to be tested here will probably end up becoming part of the iOS market once it is ready. Ponu is also looking for a few helpers, especially those with iOS devices, to help spread the app to more platforms, as Kinetiqa is the only person who works on the app on a consistent basis. The full interview with Kinetiqa is after the break!

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TrotCon 2013 – Music Announcement featuring Eurobeat Bacon, Sonic Breakfast and More!



Fun fact: If you try to save this picture, the name will be “totcon-resized.png.” How delicious.

TrotCon has quite a sizeable post after the break detailing the musical talent that will be attending TotCon this year. Among some of the headlining artists are Eurobeat Brony, SgtWhip, and Mogul Dash, though there are many more! Things seem to be shaping up very nicely for this convention so far; as Pinkie Pie would say, “I’ve got the music in me!

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