TrotCon 2013 – Music Announcement featuring Eurobeat Bacon, Sonic Breakfast and More!



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TrotCon has quite a sizeable post after the break detailing the musical talent that will be attending TotCon this year. Among some of the headlining artists are Eurobeat Brony, SgtWhip, and Mogul Dash, though there are many more! Things seem to be shaping up very nicely for this convention so far; as Pinkie Pie would say, “I’ve got the music in me!

Do you have the MUSIC in your SOUL? We do, and so does our ever growing roster of musicians!

Eurobeat Brony - He was the first musician to release a remix of a song from MLP:FiM, and has been a staple of the scene ever since, with such hits as “Luna (Dream Mode)”, “Diamond Dogs (Euro Dirt Mix)” and “Discord (EuroChaos Mix)”. Super Ponybeat remains one of the most popular remix albums of the show, praised by My Little Pony composer Daniel Ingram and popular music magazine Rolling Stone.

Odyssey is also a prolific force for all things Eurobeat outside of MLP, appearing on the Initial D anime and game series, the Toho Eurobeat series, Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder, the Densha De D soundtrack, Super Eurobeat, and many more. He has also released two volumes of original music, the “My Life as a Pixel” series, and created the community-favorite remixes of “Spectrum” and “Clarity” by Zedd ft. Matthew Koma.

Sonic Breakbeat: Since 2010, he’s been on the scene remixing and spitting out his own tracks in energetic styles like drum-n-bass, electro house, and progressive house. Now experimenting in other genres and forms, he’s looking toward making a career out of music production. He’s ready to give it his all at TrotCon, are you?

DJ Lupo B: An upcoming DJ from Akron here in the Buckeye State whose main musical joys include dubstep, drum-n-bass, house, and new trap. He has been listening to such music since 2006, DJ-ing since mid-2010, and just recently started cranking his own tunes. Keep Calm and Bass On!

Sgt-Whip: An electronic musician who produces and mixes all sorts of bass-heavy complextro madness. As a controller enthusiast and lover of all genres, you can expect a very inventive live performance. Aftermath: An electronic musician from southern Florida that specializes in house and dance music, although he’s been known to make other genres as well. If you like nice melodies, electronic music, and ponies then you’re in for a treat!

Chang31ing: A creator of mixes, mixups, and mashups using DJ equipment. He likes to help support lesser known musicians when he can by using their songs in his mixes.

LizardRock: Hear the beats, see the lights, and drop the bass with Pony DJ LizardRock! A mix of some of the best pony dance songs, complete with lights and lasers, are sure to get you jumping!

PhillyPu: An improvisational pianist who has covered numerous MLP songs, he has also dabbled in other genres of music such as cheesy Asian piano, cheesy orchestral, and boontah. Slated to perform at BronyCon 2013, he is brewing some tunes that have never been heard before (perhaps for good reason…?), ready to be premiered at TrotCon! An album is still being tentatively put together due to excruciating peer pressure from other brony musicians. What is going to be unveiled on his set? Kazoo-influenced minimalist? Ill-tempered keyboard button smashing?? Profane Neo-Bossa Nu-Rap Garage-Step Baroque????? Find out at TrotCon 2013!

GreenTintedGoggles: An up-and-coming musician in the brony community whose dedication to his craft keeps a slow-but-steady stream of music in many different styles coming down the pipes. Though he generally sticks around the normal four-on-the-floor house tracks, he may throw in a few curveballs for those wanting some speed.

Mogul Dash: He likes ponies so much that he decided to start making music about them. He has always wanted to create works of art for others to enjoy, and he is honored that this community has accepted him and propelled him to where he is today! He feels that it’s really a pleasure to meet all his fans, and to see what other bronies create. These conventions offer him a median to do just that. He started creating music a year ago, and has worked his absolute hardest to harness his skills and present them to you all!

SMOR3S: An electronic artist, born and raised in Ohio. At the age of 16, he was in and out of local alternative/post hardcore and punk bands. When he was 18, the band scene died down, leading him to the discovery of electronic music. He had little success throughout the years of 2010 and 2011, but then, during the year of 2012, SMOR3S dedicated his time to producing and dropped his first official EP: the self-titled “SMOR3S”. He has since released a second EP: “Skies High”.

Steven, A.D.: Several months ago, there was a void in this fandom. A “Steven, A.D.”-shaped void. Luckily, Steven, A.D. came along to fill it. With his high-energy and generally light-hearted raps slapped on top of his chiptune-inspired instrumentals, he’s slowly made a name for himself. Literally. He literally typed out his own name at two words-per-minute. Nice font, though. I think they call it “Cosmic Sands” or something.

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