Fiesta Equestria Announces Michelle Creber

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When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. When in Houston, you go to Fiesta Equestria!

This time around, the convention is announcing Michelle Creber, singing voice for Squeaky Belle and Apple Bloom. While attending, Creber will also be opening with the rest of her band, Hey Ocean!, on Friday night for the convention’s concert. Head past the break for the full announcement from the convention.

Howdy everypony! Fiesta Equestria is overjoyed to announce Michelle Creber will be making an appearance at Fiesta Equestria this year! Not only with this amazingly talented girl be coming as a voice actor, but Michelle will also be opening for Hey Ocean! during the Friday night Fun to be Had Concert!
Even though Michelle Creber is only 13 years old, this singer, voice over artist and dancer has done much more aside from her amazing work as the voice of Apple Bloom as well as the singing voice for Sweetie Belle & Apple Bloom. Creber has acted on film, TV, and the stage in shows such as The Haunting Hour on The Hub, Peanuts Motion Comics by Warner Brothers, and Annie as the title role of Annie. The talent doesn’t end there, for Creber has also released two music albums with one in collaboration with popular Brony artists The Living Tombstone, MandoPony, and Mic the Microphone.
To get more information about Michelle Creber and all the other numerous guests that will be attending Fiesta Equestria, check out our Guests page . Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all our new announcements. We hope to see you there!

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