BGM For ‘Mare-Do-Well’ Posted Online

Like music, but hate people talking over it? Then rapping isn’t for you – but I digress. Senn555 has come back from a brief hiatus to continue his work on filtering out the much-heralded background music for MLP – this time covering ‘The Mysterious Mare-do-Well’ created by William Anderson and Kristopher Gee. Check out two clips from the episode right here, and right here.

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Yup is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Oat. After getting into MLP over Summer 2011, he joined the TDO team soon after, after realising he's not good at making music, drawing or creating plushies. Being English, he enjoys beer and football - or 'sawker'. You can chat to him over on Twitter at @YupTDO, or just shout across the sea.

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