Two sides of the coin- Hearts and Hooves day

As the staff of The Daily Oat was having a well-earned rest in the breakroom, Rocktavia and Jroddie got to talking. Of course, the topics of conversation came to ponies. They got to talking about their favorite episodes, and Rocktavia brought up Hearts and Hooves day. Jroddie didn’t agree with him at all, and the pair decided to settle it like 21st century men – by publishing two different articles, and letting the open forum of the internet decide who has the prevailing opinion. To settle this pissing contest, the two writers need each reader to comment on their article to figure out who the winner is. So please, keep on the lookout for articles about Hearts and Hooves day, and the Daily Oat team will finally be able to settle the age old question  Is Hearts and Hooves day a heartwarming story, or secretly horrifying?

If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, then you’ll probably want to come out from under the rock you’ve been living under watch it first to understand what we’re referencing. For your convenience, we’ve added a Youtube video after the break!

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  1. This is actually a pretty interesting thing to do for episodes and I’d love to see you guys do this for season four if possible when that starts up.

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