Why Hearts and Hooves Day is Heartwarming


Hearts and Hooves Day is probably one of the most diabetes-inducing and generally heartwarming stories ever aired in MLP: FiM to date. Dare I say, it’s even more heartwarming than Party of One and Hearths Warming Eve combined, assuming you can stomach a little lovey-dovey silliness. Here then, is my argument for why Hearts and Hooves Day is not terrifying, but exceedingly heartwarming. So who’s right? Me? Or J-Rod? Choose the winner in the comments below!
#1: The CMC care deeply for their schoolteacher

This one seemed a bit obvious to me. The Cutie Mark Crusaders truly care for the happiness of their teacher, even if they had a really destructive way of showing it.

How much did I have last night

Exhibit A. Note the utterly horrified Berry Punch.

What we’re forgetting is that some schoolteachers wouldn’t engender this sort of bond and care with the students under their care, especially in the modern age. Now while this really doesn’t apply to every classroom, it’s still a highly heartwarming thing to note.

#2: Big Macintosh is a bit too creative with his nicknames
Let’s face it – even though he was under the effects of the love poison, Big Macintosh is adorkably romantic. The effects of the potion are seemingly limited to just invoking a sickeningly lovey-dovey bond. But we’re ignoring the fact that Big Macintosh was seriously into it. I’d interpret this as being a romantic or extremely sensitive guy at heart.

Do you see a want it-need it spell here.

Exhibit B. Note the lack of Want it-Need it eyes.

#3: The End of the Episode
At the very end of the episode, when all is said and done and the status quo is returned to normal, Big Macintosh and Cheerilee are shown having a bit of a closer relationship than they’d had before. Just whether it’s limited to friendly picnics or not isn’t made clear. Or whether they’re just trolling the CMC.


Exhibit C. “Nobody must know that we fell in love for real.”

Regardless, they’ve clearly grown a bit closer because of the experience as friends. It’s an adorable episode, whether you’re a fan of the ship or not. And quite frankly, lovestruck Big Macintosh was certainly a sight to see.

  1. That’s a really good point made in #2, since it’s sort of a subtle showing of how Big Mac really is romantic even if to an extreme with this episode, when there are barely if any hints to show he’s actually interested in having that kind of relationship otherwise. This is all assuming of course that the love poison only makes the two fall in love with each other to an uncontrollable degree and not something further where it alters their actual personalities, which it sort of does with how they were acting unusual by completely ignoring their other responsibilities.

    Either case though, I’d still have to say this episode is sort of heartwarming but turns disturbing with the whole forced relationship part among other issues.

  2. I feel that the episode was indeed heart warming in that it brought together two lonely ponies ( whether they knew it or not). The fact that is backfired and left them not doing their usual jobs is just an extension of how true love feels when it hits you. At first I thought it might be hocky and the diabetic nicknames they used, at first turned me off, biwatching theh episode makes me long for the days of true love, however it comes and I find the episode truly grand.

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