Los Angeles Times Posts Article on L.A. Film Festival Family Day

la-et-mn-my-little-pony-20130616-001Though not as pony-centric as the fandom seems to prefer, the L.A. Film Festival was still the first place that the movie premiered, and it is discussed in this article, including the fact that bronies sat next to the target audience and their families to see the first contact of Equestria Girls. They did miss the mark a little bit by saying we all grew up with My Little Pony, but hey, we can’t really expect perfection from the manestream news all the time, right?

  1. HEY! :D Im that Rainbow Dashs girlfriend. Remember me? ^-^ Fluttershy shirt and all~ WELL! I wanted to tell you that I quite enjoyed your blog, and even more so because I got to meet you personally~ I might take a step in looking into this a little more often. c: -Well, anyways, Im a bit too hyper from movie candy, because I never really finished my boxes of Sour Patches and Buncha Crunches at the theatre.. So I decided to start finishing them at 10:30 in the night. Because Im a genius.- ANYWAY!~ Keep up the Pony Tracking, (incase I miss an event here and there.) c:

    • Glad to hear you like it! His picture is in the post titled “Review: Equestria Girls” if you’d like to see his picture. It’s great getting to meet other people from the fandom!

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