That Guy With the Glasses Reviews Equestria Girls


You all know who this guy is, don’t you? The Nostalgia Critic! This was posted on a website that he is a part of, but written by another poster on the site, known as DigiRanma. Apparently, this brave soul has previously reviewed Bratz; he seems to find little difference between that nightmare and this latest movie for little girls. Ah well, you can’t win everyone over.

I’m not going to say he doesn’t have valid points; he obviously does. Equestria Girls wasn’t the amazing movie it could have been… were a miracle to occur. Read up on his entire critique of the movie here.

  1. Sorry to say, but the article is misleading. While the review was posted on the same website that the Nostalgia Critic and all other reviewers of Team Awesome and post their reviews, this particular review was made and posted by a public member of the website, DigiRanma. The review itself was not written by Doug Walker, aka, the Nostalgia Critic. The member who wrote the review just so happened to post it on the same website where The Nostalgia Critic posts his stuff.

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