Brony documentary is ‘Propaganda’

pictured- A pony whose special talent is earning his diploma.

In a freak turn of events that nobody really expected, the feminist movie reviewer has posted an article about the Bronies documentary. The writer, Myrna Waldron, is a traveled feminist blogger with an emphasis on geeky things. She’s decided to point her M41-A at the Brony Documentary, decrying it as ‘Propaganda’. I think she’s totally justified in saying that. But if you want to avoid the shnark and cut straight to the meat, the actual article can be read right here.

Time for some snark.

Before we get some strange comments, let me say something right now. I support equal rights for everyone that’s an upstanding member of society. Feminism is okay. Fur is Murder, all that stuff. But here’s how it goes. Feminists on the internet are weird. I agree with their message, for sure. Rape is wrong, women deserve proper implementation of equal rights. Feminists on the internet don’t exactly shove it down my throat, but they certainly make it hard to breathe. They make me feel like I’ve done something wrong, even though I haven’t seen another human being in a little over a week. Internet Feminists, I feel, are a little bit too closely-knit and a little too easy to spread the blame than feminists in real life. (I’m sure they’d disagree with me.)

The review! She sees the Bronies Documentary as ‘Brony propaganda’, for merely skimming over the bad things. She spat fire about the fact that the brony documentary even mentioned the fact that cloppers actually exist. At least they mentioned it. A documentary produced by Lauren Faust and Tara Strong didn’t even have to mention cloppers at all! At least they tried to be well rounded and tried to put in something about some of the more unsavory parts of the fandom. I’m pretty sure if they made a feminist documentary, they wouldn’t talk about Emma Goldman or Lorena Bobbitt.

Ms. Waldron also points out that, in the middle of the documentary, four female ponies interrupt Professor Pony and say “Hey, you leavin’ us out mang?” And professor pony astutely replies “Girls liking ponies is expected.” Ms. Waldron, at this point, throws an almost all-caps fit and rails against the documentary for not going in-depth about the Pegasisters. Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to very quickly point out the title of the documentary.

If you’ll kindly take notice and thoroughly read all three instances of the title in this picture, you’ll see that it’s actually about BRONIES: THE EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED adult fans of My Little Pony. Sue me for expecting it to be about male fans. And, as Captain Tweed said “Girls liking ponies is to expected’. Now, you’ll have to understand, this movie was produced by Lauren Faust and Tara Strong, whom I understand had complete creative control over the work. So it was their choice to not mention the female fans in-depth. Because if it was an hour and thirty minutes of women talking about how much they love ponies, that would be kind of expected, wouldn’t it? If the Title was Pegasisters- The kinda sorta expected fans of My Little Pony, I’d expect it if they expounded upon the female side of the fandom more than they did. It’s like expecting to see men riveting B-52s together in a documentary about World War 2 factories. Also, I think that for someone who cares to make the distinction between pegasisters and bronies, they wouldn’t expect to see pegasisters at all in this documentary.

This leads to one of the parts I had the most trouble with. The kindly Ms. Waldron takes now to point out the pedophiles, the homophobes, and the ‘ableists’ (I had to google that). I agree with her that these are the bad parts of the fandom. But that being said, I’d like to issue an open challenge to Ms. Waldron, if she would be happy enough to oblige me. Please, madam, name any other fandom where there aren’t people like this. Any other. I can spare you the trouble of looking and tell you the answer right now. There aren’t. That’s because these people make up a segment of the population in the real world. They’re voters, they’re TV watchers, they’re insurance agents, they’re checkout clerks. They’re regular everyday people just like you and me, but they have weird sexual fetishes or extreme political views. And they like things that you and I like too. So I don’t blame her for not liking the more extreme elements of the brony fandom, but I think she’d be hard pressed to justify all the feminists that cut off penises and promote anarchy.

So hats off to Myrna Waldron, for making an article where she spoke her mind. Because on the internet, you can never voice your opinion without being wrong. Thanks for reading!

  1. The Internet is the Great Magnifier: everything is twice as big when converted to digital. J. Random Character might be mildly douchey in real life; but give him a soapbox and an Instagram, and he goes full Summer’s Eve. This comparison admittedly starts to crumble at the far ends of the bell curve — you can have only so many standard deviations before you get into the seriously nonstandard ones — but true extremists will always out themselves.

    Besides, we’re dealing here with a slightly oblique case of Gotcha! You can’t preach harmony, or indeed anything else, without some wiseguy (gender irrelevant) looking for an instance of the preacher failing to uphold his own standard, just for the sake of pointing and shouting “Gotcha!” Entire philosophies, entire political constituencies, are nothing but “Gotcha!” And we’re not in a position to throw them into a dungeon in the place to which we’ve banished them, either.

  2. I can understand (and agree) with some of the points made in the article. There should have been more focus on WHY they love the show. There should have been more focus on the show. Indeed, we do have a few rotten apples in the fandom that spoil the bunch and need to be dealt with (not necessarily with fireballs).

    What I do disagree with is that it is “borderline propaganda” as the the documentary is presenting an argument to show that Bronies are not all weirdos or creeps. Being unbiased was never going to be a priority with this documentary.

  3. I’m surprised you guys haven’t gotten shamed, yelled at, talked about, etc.
    It got to the point that she called the cops on me, claiming I wanted to kill myself..then her and her followers DEMANDED I thank her.

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