Houston-Press Article Praises My Little Pony


From the rough and gruff manly state of Texas, you can be certain to find the manliest of men. That’s why it’s always especially important when one gets congratulated by any inhabitant of the Lone Star state for any reason, and especially nice when our own show gets praised by one. Besides cementing and verifying the fact of our manhoods beyond conceivable doubt with a positive review about our latest iteration of My Little Pony, the Houson-Press’ article is well-written in general. The author at first laments about being forced to watch it with his daughter, but later admits it is better than any cartoon show of his childhood that he recalls (the 80s, early 90s). Any show. An example given was the manly children’s cartoon of He-Man. He also makes some fair comparisons that our show is not meant merely as a toy marketing tool, and that there’s more continuity in the episodes, with characters at least developing at little and remembering what happened two episodes before. This article gives our show a good, honest look and analysis. You can read it here.

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