Bronies: The Movie Released


I skipped to a random part of the movie and found this. I’m not sure if ponies are actually the issue here.

So, for those who weren’t aware, the narrative short film in its entirety premiered at BronyCAN. To those who weren’t able to attend the convention and see this, those who created it were kind enough to put it online for us all to see. Check it out here, or go below the break, where we have it as well!

BRONIES – The Movie┬áhas now been released! This is the 12-minute short film that premiered at BronyCAN.┬áHope you all enjoy, and please support their IndieGoGo campaign if you wish to see more episodes!

  1. Hey Scootareader,
    I am the producer for the short film Bronies. Thanks for posting about us and our film!
    Just to clarify in your post you mentioned it is a documentary however, our film Bronies is a narrative short film. There is another film out there that is a documentary and that is where some of the confusion may come from.
    Thanks again!

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