CANterlot Pre-Registration, Vendor Applications and More


The ball continues to roll for CANterlot, bringing both obligatory and surprising statements alike. Which are? Pah, you know us by now; below the break, as always!


Pre-Registration Tickets

CANterlot Convention is pleased to announce our per-registration tickets are now on sale!

Adult Weekend tickets are $45.00
Children Weekend tickets: $20.00
Saturday tickets are $25.00
Sunday tickets are $20.00

Vendor Applications

Have some cool stuff to sell? Here is where you can apply to get a booth for your service!

8′ x 8′ = $90.00 CDN
8′ x 4′ = $65.00 CDN

Volunteer Applications

Want to lend a helping hoof?  Do you enjoy working with your fellow bronies to help make this convention happen?  Then step on up and sign up here:


Trixie’s Talent Show

Can you beat the Great and Powerful Trixie at her own game? Have a skit or talent you want to show off?  The Great and Powerful Trixie challenges you to compete in her talent show so get your hat and cloak on and prepare to amaze and be amazed. Signups here at:

Calling All Performers

The Great and Powerful Trixie has asked that she get some entertainment! We can’t just disappoint her so I have created Trixie’s Talent Show. It will be a 2 hour event (will extend to 3 depending on the amount of performers we get) and will be filled with everypony trying their hand at proving themselves to me.

Are you a magician, musician, actor, comedian, have a special talent to show us? If so, good luck everypony. The Great and Powerful Trixie can do anything better than you can! But if you are that keen on proving yourself worthy to me, then you may do so by signing up.

Fan Panel Applications

Do you have an awesome idea for a panel? Would you like to run it? Then this is the right application for you.

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